When facing legal issues, you need a strong, experienced law firm standing by your side. We are that firm. At Andrews & Crell, PC, our attorneys have the skill and dedication to effectively seek resolutions to a wide range of cases. From simple to complex, we have 35 years of legal and litigation experience that we put to use when handling matters in the areas of:


Adoptions are usually one of the most joyful types of cases we handle. Whether it is a step-parent adopting their step-child, a couple working with an agency, or even an adult adopting a grown “child,” long after they finished raising them, it is a true pleasure helping folks create and solidify their family ties.

Adoption laws and the resulting process can be quite complex. As part of our representation, we will help determine what kinds of notices of the pending adoption need to be made, whose consent must be obtained, or whether the consent may be waived, whether a home study is necessary, and if the adoption is contested, we will help determine what evidence best establishes your position as being in the best interests of the child.

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